Stress Management Sessions In Glasgow 


                             Stress Management manage stress

Stress is caused by the perception that events in your life have exceeded your ability to cope.


Most of us will experience temporary stress at certain times in our lives, but for some of us stress can become a long term problem, some situations which occur in our lives are unavoidable but we can learn to deal with the effects of stress by becoming aware of when our stress level is too high and taking steps to lower it.

 Some common symptoms of Stress

  • tense muscles 
  • aches and pains    
  • difficulty sleeping, 
  • waking up tired  
    loss of appetite 
  • stomach churning            
  • I.B.S      
    heart racing or pounding
  • hyperventilating   
  • feeling light-headed or faint 
  • feeling rushed or pressured 
  • headaches, migraine 
  • stomach upsets   
  • feeling you've no time  
  • persistent tiredness  
  • mind in a whirl      
  • constantly doing things/can't sit still
  • or the opposite can't get motivated
  • can't think straight, concentrate or work effectively 
    The stress response developed in early man in order to maximize our chances of survival (the fight or flight response) the same physiological changes occur in the body when we are faced with a dangerous or life threatening situation as when have an argument, feel frustrated in traffic or queue's, or feel overwhelmed by demands upon our time and resources.
    Blood pressure and heart rate increase, digestion slows down or stops as blood and oxygen are quickly redirected to the major muscles to provide energy to fight or run.
    Most of our stressful situations today are mental and emotional but still result in these effects automatically taking place in the body, causing conditions such as I.B.S, high blood pressure, headaches, muscular pain and tension, even diabetes.

Stress Management Sessions

 work life balanceAre one to one hourly sessions during which we will discuss and define what your major stressors are and develop tools and techniques you can use in your daily life to help you reduce and manage your responses to stress.

On your first session I will give you a self assessment exercise to fill out which will indicate exactly how stress is affecting you physically, emotionally and mentally, at the end of your course we would expect to see a significant reduction.

During the sessions we will look at :

  • Relaxation Skills
  • Mindfulness
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Cognitive Behaviour therapy ( learning how our thoughts create our moods, we can learn to spot negative thoughts as they arise and then challenge and re-think them.     

Each session concludes with 10-20 mins of a relaxing therapy, choose from Reiki, Crystal therapy or a guided meditation, sessions costs £50, a course of 6 is recommended.