Rose Quartz Facial & Holistic Facial

Rose Quartz Facial   

A luxury facial using Rose Quartz ( The stone of love and harmony) and incorporating organic natural rose water and rosa mosqueta oil.
This healing and soothing facial revives and restores the skin, stimulates circulation and promotes cell renewal.
The  rose quartz rollers smooth and polish the skin, redefine the facial contours and drain away toxins leaving your skin looking fresh, healthy and glowing. Stress, fatigue and sadness all take their toll on the skin and contours of the face.  Rose quartz crystals placed on the heart can bring deep emotional healing, restoring harmony and love to your life and relationships by helping you learn to love yourself.                         

60mins £45

Holistic Facial






A complete journey for your senses. As stress and tension both physical and emotional show in the face it makes perfect sense to combine a traditional facial with a de-stressing
holistic treatment.
A full cleanse, tone ,exfoliate, mask and massage of the face using natural products and essential oils. Combined with a holistic body ,mind & spirit treatment using gentle stretches to open the energy pathways( meridians) and Chakra Colour therapy, Reiki or Crystals to rebalance the key energy points. Includes massage of the neck, shoulders , scalp hands, arms and feet.                                 
60mins £45