Reiki training in Glasgow and Strathaven

Usui Reiki


Anyone can learn Reiki, it is a natural healing method that I believe lies dormant in us until being re-awakened by the attunement process.

Being attuned to reiki can open and deepen your connection to source and universal energy, which can enhance and increase your self development and spirituality, many people find it helps them to heal current and past issues.

Reiki 1 teaches you how to give yourself healing treatments, and you can also offer treatments to friends and family including pets.

Reiki 2 takes you to the next level, with the addition of a further two symbols which can be used to direct healing energy to the emotional and mental levels and also you will learn how to send healing across distance and to a situation in the past or future.

On completion of reiki 2 you have the option to become a reiki practioner and offer treatments to the public.

Both reiki 1 and 2 are completed on one day from 10.30 - 4.30 with a break for lunch.

You will receive instruction in the history of reiki, your attunement, an in depth manual, and full practice on self healing and giving a treatment to another. 

Reiki 1 costs £120 with a £30 deposit payable to secure your place, please contact me via the make a booking page.

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