Package treatments

For when you need something a bit extra or to really pamper yourself.

 Holistic Packages

Holistic Trinity

 I came up with this treatment in response to the thought " what would be the ultimate experience of relaxation" and here it is.

A complete and flowing treatment to work on all levels of tension. Begins with a luxurious Back, neck & shoulder massage with warm coconut or frangipani oil. Flowing into Reiki to harmonise the emotional/mental and spiritual levels and clear the energy field. Finishing with Reflexology to ground and rebalance the entire system.

1hr 45 mins ( includes consultation and changing time ) treatment time is approx. 90 mins £60


Divine Detox

A deeply detoxifying and energising treatment for body and soul. Begins with full body brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage and exfoliate the skin Flowing into a detoxifying full body massage including colon massage to improve digestion and toxin elimination and includes specific anti cellulite and lymphatic drainage techniques. Finishing with a Crystal energy treatment to cleanse the aura and balance/energise the chakras. An energy boost for the whole system.                                                                        1hr 45 mins includes consultation and changing time. £60