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 Ear Candling                   

ear candling treatment
Ear Candling is an ancient ritual handed down through many civilisations. It is believed that the Ancient Greeks used ear candles for cleansing, purifying and healing on a spiritual basis.
Ear candles were used traditionally by Shamen healers. Ancient wall paintings  show the importance of ear candling in initiation rituals and healing ceremonies of the tribe.

How does it work ?

A light suction action described as a chimney effect and the movement of the flame create a vibration of air in the Ear candle, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum. 

What happens during a Treatment ?

After a consultation about your health and medical history, you will lie on the therapy couch and be made comfortable, whilst lying on your side the candle will be gently inserted at the ear entrance it does not go in far, approximately 1-1.5 cms, once the candle is lit I will be holding it securely the entire time. Whilst the candle is burning you will hear a very soothing, gentle crackling and hissing sound, feel a sensation of warmth around your ear and head and may experience a feeling of pressure being released in the ears and sinuses. The candle takes between 8-10 mins to burn down then the area around the ear is massaged and the procedure repeated on the other side.

The treatment concludes with a relaxing sinus drain massage of the face, neck and head.                         

Ear candling can also have a positive effect on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It can be deeply relaxing, comforting and ease anxiety and nervousness. Leaving you feeling happier, lighter and calmer.


A treatment takes approx 45-50 mins and costs £42

Ear candling can bring relief to the following conditions

hopi ear candles

  • Excessive ear wax, Glue ear 
    Ear ache
  • Hearing difficulties
  • Meniere's disease
  • Tinnitus
  • Colds and flu, Sinus congestion
  • Rhinitis
  • Hay fever
  • Snoring
  • Headaches
  • Vertigo
  • Swollen glands
  • Pain or pressure after flying, scuba diving or swimming
  • Dental pain     
  • BioSun ear candles contain:
  • beeswax                                                                                            
  • honey and honey extracts 
  • St Johns Wort                             
  • sage                                          
  • chamomile                                                                                            
  • beta-carotine

                                                                              Contra-indications and Cautions for Ear candling

  • Recent injury or surgery to the ear, head or neck
  • Perforated ear drum within 12 months
  • Grommets
  • Cochlear implant
  • Acute ear infection
  • Prescribed medication for an ENT condition
  • Local infection or inflammation
  • Current or recent major dental work
  • Allergy to candle ingredients
  • First 3 to 4 days of a cold
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy 1st  trimester
  • Physically unable to adapt into a suitable position for treatment 

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